Sub QA

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3,800.00 / pair(s)
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Sub QA. Only 30cm heigh and a diameter of just 37,5cm makes it easy to place the Sub QA in every livingroom. The body is produced in a very solid way and has been designed to work with a special bass driver. As the electrostics do the Sub QA works as a dipol. We deliver the Sub QA as a set of two (one for each channel) together with an active crossover. In advance of the delivery we adjust this crossover depending on what model of electrostatic (ESL57 or ESL63) you use. Wenn you setup the Sub QA in your living room, the only thing to do is to adjust the volume which you feel is the best to support your electrostatics. This is very easy and only need to be done ones within the first setup. 
We delivery the Sub`s in a range of different colour versions. The body comes in different colours and the top/bottom plates can be painted or we can produce them from solid wood.

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